Our Services

We aim to provide customers with the highest quality of call center services. To cater for your varying needs, we’ve developed a range of affordable and effective services for you to utilize, all of which can be tailored to your business to ensure it meets the needs of your customers. All our staff are fully trained, and we perform regular training sessions to ensure our high expectations are being met.

Client Service

We offer a complete call center solution service to assist your customers in the way that best suits your business. Whether you’re looking to sell your product over the phone, provide customers with an information point or want to follow up with customers after purchase, our staff are taught the ins and outs of your business, and they’ll know your company inside out.

Staff also have access to state of the art technology that assist them with dealing with your customers queries. If for any reason our staff are unable to answer your customer’s questions or provide them with the outcome they need, they will find out the information by either speaking to a staff member from your company or researching it themselves. They will then follow up with your customers, thus ensuring you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Most businesses rather outsource their collections, and we are happy to provide a collection services to all customers. Our call center team will make calls on your behalf to your customers who owe you money, and we will perform the entire collections process. Our staff will also handle all calls from those who are actively making the effort to pay off their debts themselves.

Our staff are trained to be firm, yet polite – the necessary attitude for working in collections. Staff are also well informed of the Fair Debt Collections Act, so your company will at no point be found to be breaking the law or to be in violation of these particular laws. Your reputation is our highest priority, and we understand the importance this has to your business.


We’re happy to provide you with an offshore call center telemarketing service. This service allows you to market products to a wide selection of potential customers whilst keeping costs low.

You can also user our telemarketing services to increase brand awareness, alert potential and existing customers to special promotions, attempt to upgrade customer’s current products or to simply provide your customers with information or updates about your company or its products.

Help Desk/Tech Support

We provide a help desk/ technical support service. This is ideal for when you’re likely to have customers struggle with how to set up products, or when they need to make chances to a policy or existing purchase. Our staff are fully trained in your business and the services or products it provides, and this allows our staff to provide your customers will an effective and helpful solution to their problems.

Our staff will walk your customers through their problems step by step, ensuring that all their issues are completely resolved. Again, if our outsourcing call center cannot help your customer immediately, we will find the answer or solution and follow up with them to make sure that they remain satisfied with your company.

Back Office Support

We also provide support for your employees and staff. We offer a range of services such as data entry, web chat and email responses, analysis and research services.

Your company can provide us with detailed information about your company and the products your staff may need assistance with, and our outsourced call center does the rest. While other call center companies may offer back office support services, most of them do not offer the comprehensive set of services provided by our company.